Olivia Harne is a geospatial information system developer. Her work focuses on telling GIS narratives in an accessible way, by combining both geographic information sciences and the artistic / navigational design concepts of wayfinding

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January 2018 - 

Computer Science Department,

Kutztown Uni. of PA - CARE Mentor

Teaching cloud-based GIS to students that have received Kutztown University's "Computer Science Academic, Retention and Enrichment" - or (CARE) - grant. A grant meant to promote STEM, and to get more students of underrepresented groups into STEM fields. 

This is a weekly activity during the Spring 2018 semester, consisting of a 50 minute traditional lesson with subsequent lab days. Work from students will be displayed on the AGOL Group page.



December 2018 -

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation,

Harrisburg PA - GIS Intern

GIS development for PennDOT's District 8, at the Harrisburg office.

A continuation of the previous PennDOT internship below, but with a shifted focus to infrastructural data.



September 2017 - Present

QR Blocks, 

Kutztown PA - Invention and Design

QR Blocks is a personal project, and self imposed challenge on developing a new methodology of experiential navigation design with GIS. By using digitized maps and their QR codes, I model three dimensional shapes that can then be 3D printed in a variety of fibers. They are then placed into shelving, benches and other architecture. Users are able to scan the blocks, and obtain information they need to navigate both on foot and in their vehicles. Currently using Mapbox to design this content.

These blocks reduce the space taken up by traditional physical map displays, require less maintenance and can be incorporated into both indoor and outdoor space.

A kiosk presentation on this topic was shown at Central PA GIS Day.

This invention has a Provisional Application for Patent at the USPTO.

Application: US 62/578,712



August 2017 - December 2017 (Projected)

Grassroots Mapping, 

Harrisburg PA - Producer

Writing, typesetting and publishing of Grassroots Mapping; a series of digital, interactive booklets on some of the work involved with independent GIS development. 

This series is a personal challenge in project management with creative direction, and is free to download and distribute.



April 2017 - September 2017

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation,

Harrisburg PA - GIS Intern

Graphic planning and co-administration of PennDOT's geospatial open data catalog PennShare, beta creation of the Open Data Portal. Auditor of uploaded geographic production for all counties.

Developer of District 8's beta ArcGIS Online Training Programthe standardized online GIS design introduction for new employees in the department of Planning and Research, accepted into the Living Atlas of the World.

Story mapping design, consulting for Michael Baker International's Central PA Extreme Weather Vulnerability Study.



November 2016 - Present

Disability Services,

Kutztown Uni. of PA - Student GIS Dev.

Collecting geographic data of wheelchair accessible routes and entrances at Kutztown into a geospatial information initiative for KU's Disability Services Office (DSO). Currently utilizing the ArcGIS Collector app to record pathway measurements, and managing / educating volunteers with data submissions. This program has been accepted into the Living Atlas of the World, and received a feature in the Summer 2017 ArcUser.

This application's premise and usage information are being introduced to the university's Connections program, the standard orientation for new students. Its data has also been redesigned for use by KU's GLBTQ Resource Center.



October 2016 - May 2017

Rohrbach Academic Library,

Kutztown Uni. of PA - GIS / Library Science Intern

Drafting of promotional maps and materials for events at the library, alongside floor plan layouts for new signage.

Led progression regarding the integration of the library's 3D printer to make models of landscapes from open source topographic data renderings, to teach and encourage students in geography courses and assist patrons with disabilities. I continue this work with my QR Blocks project.



December 2016 - May 2017

KU Bears Athletics,

Kutztown Uni. of PA - Student GIS Dev. and Analyst

Design and maintenance of the temporary "Map of Upcoming Events," on KU Bears' Fan Central tab, utilizing Google Maps API. Based on an original sports map created for The Keystone Newspaper.



December 2014 - March 2017

The Keystone Newspaper,

Kutztown Uni. of PA - Website Manager / Asst. Graphic Design

Post management and creation of event maps for the student newspaper's main webpage, their announcements page, as well as their extensive online archival site. Design and maintenance of weather forecasting maps for the paper's mobile application. Graphic production for the yearly "Keystone Rewind" publication.


September 2014 - May 2018

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania - B.S. Library Science, concentrations in Geography and Computer Science

General member for KU’s Allies group, a Gay-Straight Alliance that promotes equality through activism and events.