Grassroots Mapping


This project is completed. Read the summary.

Learning the basics of GIS is a great way to connect with your community. Even as a hobby, you can help those around you with simple data sets using local information. Grassroots Mapping is a digital, interactive booklet series about independent geospatial project development.

Topics range from introductory tutorials, to the more detailed design work behind maps, applications and organization needed for projects to function. This series hopes to show how you can display GIS learning in a creative way, and is a personal challenge in project management with Adobe Creative Suite. It has also given me the opportunity to experiment with Creative Commons imagery and video.

To view the issue log, scroll to the top of this page and use the navigation bar, or the index icon if you're on mobile. Click Grassroots Mapping and you'll be given a list of all available issues. They're all free to download and distribute.

You can also listen to the interview I had with VerySpatial, where we talked about this series, creative GIS, and how we can tell narratives through mapping.


Note: The interactive elements of these issues are time sensitive. Earlier posts may have outdated links to tutorial material.